“We exist in a modern technological age; we can’t turn back the clock or expect to be able to live as we did as hunter gatherers. But we can relearn these deep connections to nature, ourselves, and each other and in doing so find profound states of wellbeing. In essence, ancestral health is modern-day wealth.”


Tony Riddle



“I had no idea what Tony was capable of – of resetting our bodies and returning our minds to their natural resting thriving crystal-clear state”.


 Eminé Rushton



“I felt exhilarated, impressed by a strength I didn’t know I had and totally empowered about my body. Thanks Tony – I hope your message goes far and wide and I will certainly be helping to spread it”.


Jasmine Hemsley



“Tony exposes you to the areas that have been compromised by modern living and aren’t serving you; suggests small changes that can be implemented for big impact, even in the busiest of lifestyles.  Keep spreading the word”.


David Haye



“I am very inspired by Tony’s rewilding work and his whole lifestyle approach. Always keen to learn more from Tony and have a real craving to go on one of his retreats to fully immerse. I had a taster rewilding posture session and I immediately felt the difference.

Keep inspiring people and walking your talk Tony”!


Dr Rangan Chatterjee


‘By making gradual changes we can begin to reclaim our innate wisdom and, eventually, redefine social norms so that one day, living in a more natural, harmonious way will be the norm, rather than the unnatural, stress-filled 24/7 society we’ve created.’


Tony Riddle