Natural lifestyle coaching


Natural Lifestyle Coaching draws on the wisdom of the natural world to inform every aspect of our lives.  It is a system of coaching that enables human beings to function at their best, individually and collectively, and always in relation to their environment. Foundations of an optimum lifestyle are :

  • the most nutritious food
  • the deepest sleep
  • varied movement patterns
  • inhaling good quality air
  • drinking the purest & freshest water
  • absorbing maximum healing and therapeutic sunlight
  • forming bonds, relationships and networks with like minded people

Tony is dedicated to helping others to seek out and explore these foundations of optimum living within their natural habitats.

Q and A


How do you work with this approach to develop wellbeing?

I begin by becoming extremely curious about the person/s I am working with and coming to understand their strengths and blockages. Together we investigate the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects. Through this joint investigation we shine a light on those areas that are really in need of more care and attention.

Natural Lifestyle Coaching includes a variety of education on ancestral, experiential and biological nutrition – whilst recognizing and appreciating all the advantages of our modern technological needs.

What are practical examples of how this might work?

This approach to meeting both our ancestral and modern needs can be introduced with simple adjustments, check out the videos below for some simple ideas:

What can I expect from a 1:1?



Through our initial assessment – together we will soon discover where the blocks occur – whether physical, social or emotional and develop a plan for the future, giving you some simple tools to unleash and enable the true self.


An individual assessment £120.  To book a session with Tony click here.

Talks and Workshops


Natural Lifestyle Talks and workshops enable you to reconnect and rediscover the human animal within. They provide you with take home knowledge to feed your self; covering individual subjects within the natural lifestyle philosophy and practical suggestions to help you thrive in the modern world.


Tony’s talks and workshops are an opportunity to learn more, become inspired, engage with other social human animals and join the Natural Lifestyle community.


To book Tony for a talk or Workshop click here.

The Natural Home


Like one giant grow bag full of nutrients, your home will encourage elemental nutrition and energetic flow, creativity, curiosity and imagination. A natural home will support your sleep wake cycles and allow freedom of movement, play and expression; all the things that made our wise ancestors so successful.

Your home should be a sanctuary that will allow you, the human animal, to become more skillful in the modern world.

I want to live a natural lifestyle – How do I book a consultation and bring nature through my door?

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