Retreats are an opportunity to immerse fully in the healing and transformative process.
They provide the space away from everyday life to make significant change happen.

The process is one of letting go, exploring new territory and emerging with new skills, habits and perspectives. The environment of the retreat; in a place of outstanding natural beauty and abundance, allows for participants to attune to Nature and connect to her extraordinary energy.

Each retreat is full of technical details and inputs that you can apply yourself to continue your progress.
From simple to complex movements; advice on rest, digestion and nutrition, Tony shares how these adjustments can make a big impact on emotional and spiritual health.

Tony welcomes people of all ages and abilities to come and discover their true capabilities.

The reboot phase is about letting go of things you don’t need and connecting to what you really do require, at a deep level. Often people need to rest and enrich the physical self with nature’s nutrition and the healing powers of sunshine and fire.

Tony teaches how to realign yourself with your body’s natural circadian rhythms to encourage deep and replenishing sleep. Begin to feel into your body and move like you’ve never moved before; taste the freedom of switching off the old, compromised self.

The ‘Reboot’ is about finding your beginner’s mind and heart again, ready for new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

At its heart, Tony’s work is about reconnection. Reconnecting to self, others, the natural world and beyond.

Curiosity plays an important role in reconnection, for example in reconnecting with the self: How do I feel? Why does my back hurt? What does my body need? Why am I always stressed?

Tony helps participants to truly listen to and understand their own bodies and minds, drawing on years of studying and exploring the human animal.

Much of the day is spent outside drinking in the elements; walking, crawling, listening, climbing, smelling, balancing: engaging all senses with the environment and relearning how to connect with it. There is no specific spiritual ideology taught in the retreats, only tuning into the intelligence of mother nature, and the possibility is explored that there is something greater than self.

The retreats are a rite of passage.

By addressing the physical, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of the self the intention is to understand where we are individually blocked, and move beyond old conditioned ways of being. In doing so lies the freedom to make informed choices and to engage fully in life without fear. There is often a sense of transitioning from one state into another over the course of the retreat.

Guided by nature’s wisdom Tony hopes to support all participants through this healing process and beyond.

Upcoming Retreats

Ancestral health is modern wealth

An incredible review of our retreat from Hip & Healthy:

“This is part of his ‘rewilding’ concept, which aims to use nature as a conduit for transforming modern Western Worriers into autonomous, connected Warriors. Rather than seeking to remove man and woman from their modern, urban habitat, Tony’s practices teach how to take functional and healthy ancestral habits and unite them with the most progressive aspects of our
existing daily lives”.

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Psychologies Magazine Review – Pieces of me: Finding Self Retreat at 42 Acres

Psychologies’ Health + Wellness Director, Eminé Rushton, is blown away; deconstructed – and put back together again at the first emotional, empowering Finding Self Retreat at 42 Acres

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“Reconnecting with nature connects us to self and redefines what is normal.”


Tony Riddle