Reconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat

5th – 9th August 2020, Yorkshire

Framed by moorlands and meadows, head to the English countryside this August to let go of your old compromised self and learn new skills to promote a new, wild, connected and empowered version of you on the Reconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat.

In an exclusive partnership with Balance Holidays, Tony Riddle will be the leading expert on this programme. This special experience will bind the values of disconnecting from a fast-paced environment and turning to the wild nature to unlock our true potential and return to a naturally restful and happy state. 

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Sitting discreetly amongst 3,000 acres of land, this retreat will take place at the grand historical estate, Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, North England. The resplendent landscapes paired with modern-day comfort and convenience will provide guests with a quiet moment to refresh the mind and establish a deep sense of harmony with oneself and nature.

Focusing on correct natural form and posture, Tony will guide individuals to explore a dynamic range of functional, engaging and fun movements through daily nature-immersive activities, such as woodland walks, runs and wild swimming. For further exposure to an organic and untouched environment, let the clean, green plains provoke fresh perspectives in forest bathing and tree climbing, igniting childlike excitement and imagination through play. Slow down and expand the lungs, drawing in big, beautiful breaths in breath work sessions, an innate skill that has been compromised by the urban lifestyle. Rest time is equally as important. Enveloped between revitalising activities and outdoor-adventures, take a nap beneath the trees, go on a gentle stroll or bridge new, lasting and meaningful relationships with one another, making each opportunity worthwhile.

Maintaining and nurturing a balanced lifestyle is a vital concept that is also extended into food. From a specially designed Balance Holidays menu, locally sourced, organic ingredients will come together to present healthy, nourishing, gourmet meals each day. Meals will be served in the estate’s laidback crowned-dome conservatory, allowing unobstructed views of the hazy floral gardens and symphonies orchestrated by abundant wildlife to complement each meal. The use of artificial light will be kept to a minimum throughout this retreat, allowing our bodies to synchronise with natural light, limiting the disruption to our circadian rhythms and allowing deep nourishing sleep.

Slow down, go easy and escape the everyday to return ba

ck to nature. The touchstone to personal happiness and balanced wellbeing, reveal and unleash an empowered and connected version of you in the quiet stretches of Yorkshire, North England this August! 

Location: Yorkshire, North England Dates: 5th – 9th August 2020

For more information and to register your interest, please visit the retreat page and contact Balance Holidays on: or 0208 036 3888