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100 Zoo-m Human Experience.

You’ve probably seen and heard about our Move Breathe Chill 100 Human Experiences.

Well now, with all that’s going on Artur and I will be hosting a Move Breathe Chill Online Experience every week until we can go back out and reconnect in person.

We were absolutely gutted to have to postpone our workshops until later in the year. We were just getting this 100 Human Experience Community started and we could already see the incredible breakthroughs that people were having.

We figured it was time to up our game and provide you with some powerful self help, self-care, self-development tools, to flip your own self-isolation game. Then the eureka moment came, to virtually bring 100 humans together through movement, breathwork and cold immersion.

This time is highlighting, more than ever, the need for us to go deep and do the ‘inner work,’ to buildmental fortitude and resilience.

This will be a 90-minute online, collaborative workshop presented by Tony Riddle and Artur Paulins.

Tony will guide you through some beautiful, playful shakes, waves and spirals; show you how to feel less human zoo and more human you.

Artur will take you on a deep breathwork session where you can access stillness, and find a sense of being away from the insidious anxiety of lockdown.

At the end, you’ll be lead through a mindful way of chillin’ in a cold bath, shower or even wheelie bin, in the comfort of your home.

This class is by donation. Pay what you feel is appropriate. Prices are subject to VAT.

Restriction is the mother of creativity and we are absolutely embracing change because adaptability is what makes us thrive as humans.

No workshops currently scheduled.




In this 4 hour collaborative workshop The Natural Life-Stylist, Tony Riddle, and breath work and cold immersion expert, Artur Paulins, will provide you with empowering tools to become a better self and to see that there is so much more to you and more to get out of the world you inhabit.

Through natural movement, breathwork and cold therapy they want to help you understand how to relearn and reconnect with your innate abilities so you too can start thriving NOT just surviving.

There are hundreds of lifestyle-lead conditions seeping through our society and the socially-normal behaviours which cause them and the symptoms so many of us are going about our days with are now so ubiquitous they’re seen as just that, socially-normal. We are surviving, when we were built to thrive.

We’ve been there, We know it feels rubbish and We also know that you absolutely do not need to exist in a perpetual state of ‘making-do’. You are one powerful human being and you have everything you need within you to change the environment that is contributing to your current state of mind.

It is Artur’s passion to combine his knowledge of breathwork, yoga and cold therapy; creating a simple, accessible way in which anyone can learn and apply techniques to feel happier, stronger and healthier in their every day lives. The certified Yoga Teacher discovered that the combination of breathwork, yoga and cold therapy has brought the biggest breakthroughs in his mental clarity – resulting in improved focus, reduced anxiety and increased energy levels, as well as better health and wellbeing generally.

Tony Riddle devised The Natural Lifestylist philosophy as a way to recharge, reboot and re-educate on the importance of re-aligning ourselves with Nature for emotional, spiritual and physical health. Tony’s workshops and his retreats are based around the premise that if we can recognise where nature is missing from our lives we can reconnect with it and fall back in love with it, and in doing so can shake the angst-inducing monkey off our collective back.

Cancellation Policy:

All purchases are final and we reserve the right to have a no refund policy in place. In the event that you cannot attend please email us in advance. You may transfer your place to someone else of you may use it as a credit for other services/events.


No Workshops currently scheduled