Rewild Your Squat


In this 6 week programme you will relearn how to connect with the ground and rewild the prerequisite ground rest positions and postures that nourish the ankles, knees, hips; necessary for the appropriate squat posture. You will rewild your feet to recreate a solid foundation to build your super structure from. And I have thrown in a bonus reel of squat routines that you can play with when you’re feeling a little squat funky and want to upload a little more into your mobility and movement routine.

“The physiology of the brain and body changes after a human sits in a chair for about 17 minutes plus or minus 2 minutes. Because of gravity, blood starts to leave the brain and pool in the hamstrings. The flow of blood is blocked off at the hips, the knees and the ankles. The lower limbs are not in motion which impedes the flow of BDNF. After about 17 minutes or so, the brain sends a signal to the body that the human is at rest.”- The Effects of Movement Based Learning on Student Achievement in the Elementary School Classroom. Carolyn Spielmann

Every living being possesses a fundamental physiological system based upon its individual perception of its environment and we Humans are the ultimate adaptors, for good or bad. We Humans will always adapt to the new norms our environment presents us with, even when it’s to the detriment of our biology. You may have heard sitting being referred to as the new smoking. How damn depressing is that. What if you don’t have a choice?! For some of you, who’s HR departments haven’t agreed to standing desks yet, its simply an unavoidable sitting scenario. Well lucky for us sitting doesn’t need to be the new smoking, or the devils work.



Learn to run how nature intended.

The B-A-R-E tutorial has been designed by Tony Riddle to provide you with simple steps to help you reconnect with ways of running that are more in sync with your human biology.

10 episodes; simplifying the complexities of good running form to increase efficiency and minimise the risk of running injury.

Learn techniques for rewilding your feet and posture for a full head to great toe natural running makeover.

Reconnect to a natural rhythm for super elastic energy and efficiency.

Learn to rewild your runners mind with breathing techniques to release tension and enter a mindful state of running.