Learn to run how nature intended.

The B-A-R-E tutorial has been designed by Tony Riddle to provide you with simple steps to help you reconnect with ways of running that are more in sync with your human biology.

10 episodes; simplifying the complexities of good running form to increase efficiency and minimise the risk of running injury. Learn techniques for rewilding your feet and posture for a full head to great toe natural running makeover. Reconnect to a natural rhythm for super elastic energy and efficiency. Learn to rewild your runners mind with breathing techniques to release tension and enter a mindful state of running.

In this 6 week programme you will relearn how to connect with the ground and rewild the prerequisite ground rest positions and postures that nourish the ankles, knees, hips; necessary for the appropriate squat posture. You will rewild your feet to recreate a solid foundation to build your super structure from. And I have thrown in a bonus reel of squat routines that you can play with when you’re feeling a little squat funky and want to upload a little more into your mobility and movement routine.

Fundamental to re-­wilding your posture and movement is rebooting and reconnecting with a natural sitting practice.

The postures in which we can choose to rest on the floor with, help feed and nourish our upright posture and further enable more complex natural movements.

Floor sitting postures from kneeling through to squatting are human milestones of development and further redevelopment; think nature’s prehab over modern world rehab. Forget sedentary symptom relieving practices, go straight to the cause, remove the chair and take it back to the ground.

The biology and capability of the human foot really does amaze me. Each one has 26 bones – one quarter of all of the bones in your body – 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and 200,000 nerve endings on each sole. This gives you the ability to mould, grip and grab – or at least it ought to. Every single joint, muscle and tendon will be compromised if the loading and pivoting actions of the foot are compromised. I have seen this in hundreds of feet. But I’ve also helped lots of people transform quite deformed feet into biologically normal ones through the exercises you will soon learn. Even the most misshapen, bunion‐growing shapes have been improved, much to the surprise of their distressed owners.