A monthly, 2 hour immersive experience. An opportunity to immerse fully in the healing and transformative process of nature. A break away from everyday life to make significant change happen.

Rewilding through play to reconnect with our happy hormones and unravel our often atrophied adult play state.

Two hours filled with an abundance of; breathwork, natural movement, play, human contact, connection, communication, community, forest bathing, barefoot walks, wild running and down in the dirt bear crawling fun.

One class per month.

Next session: Saturday 28/3/2020

Location: Hampstead Heath

A dropped pin of the exact location will be sent the evening prior to the session.

Time: 10am until noon

Price: £20 + VAT

If you are part of the NATLIFE Tribe you will get this included in your monthly membership plus a whole lot more.

NATLIFE Tribe is Tony’s subscription-based service where you get access to an exclusive Instagram group, free access to Tony’s Online Tutorials, A weekly group Zoom call with Tony and more.

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