Natural Parenting, Unschooling/Home schooling Consultations

Nature programs every child to develop capacities well beyond our imagination and it is mainly up to parents to provide their children with an environment where they are allowed to follow their innate forces and where a natural plan can unfold”. – Katarina Riddle

The two main topics that Kataring gets asked about are

  1. Natural Parenting
  2. Homeschooling/Unschooling

What to expect from a consultation?

Natural Parenting Consultation

Nobody teaches you how to become a parent. Parenting skills used to be observed and passed down from generation to generation, however, for many of us connection to this form of wisdom is lost. Our generation depends on advice recorded in books and offered through other forms of media. The richness of this information can be sometimes overwhelming and even confusing, leaving us in doubt about the right choice.

One of the important sources of wisdom I always turn to as a parent, is Nature. I stopped looking for the ‘right choice’ and started looking for solutions that worked for our family. I’ve learned to trust my own feelings and would say with confidence that if nature programmed us to nurture our babies certain way, there must be a very good reason for it. 

In a one hour 1:1 consultation Katarina will help you to explore natural parenting approaches of your choice; such as co-sleeping, baby carrying, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, alternative to toilet training and natural learning.


Homeschooling/Unschooling Consultation

Nature programs every child to develop capabilities well beyond our imagination. Children even have ability to take care of their own education if the supporting environment allows it. 

Many parents these days choose to provide their children with an alternative form of education at home to help them to develop their potential. 

In a one hour 1:1 consultation Katarina will help you to explore different approaches to the education and find a way how the create a stimulating environment where your child’s innate natural potential can unfold.


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