Tony works with men and women of all ages to help them discover and maintain their wellbeing. Here’s a taster of some of their experiences of Tony and his work:

Tony Riddle changed my life….. Since hosting one of his workshop I now try to walk around barefoot or I wear barefoot shoes… I now do all my computer work while using rest positions on the floor… When exercising I always try to do it outdoors… His methodology is fun and common sense and it helps make life richer better and healthier… thank you Tony

Uri Fruchtmann

Film Producer

It’s a pleasure to call you a mentor and friend and I’m happy to pay back all I have learned from you by passing it onto everyone who steps through our doors here. You have given us all here a tremendous amount of guidance, assistance and a tremendous example.

The more I learn, grow and live, the more I align with the idea that the further we get from our natural state the more sick we get – something you made clear in your coaching philosophy – seeing this recurring theme gave us a huge understanding of where people need help and has led us to build the business on helping return people to their most centred. Thank you.

Andy Myers

AM Fitness

Tony trained me for walking up Mount Kenya to 5100 meters.

I have had the pleasure of training with Tony since I turned 70. It has been a remarkable experience as I felt my back straighten and I grew taller, stronger and more upright.

I have benefited at many levels, it has seemed more like a partnership than student and pupil.

My 70’s have been enriched by working and playing with Tony Riddle.

Yehudi Gordon

Consultant Gynaecologist

My family and I have been training and learning with Tony for the last 6 years. Before I started with Tony, I had suffered various injuries from running which forced me to stop. Tony has taught me how to run properly and injury-free. His teaching style allowed me quickly to start training for the London Marathon, which I ran within a year of starting with this new methodology.

Not only has Tony guided me with my running, he enabled me to learn what to eat to fuel myself naturally and explained why I should make these changes. Out went all sugar, cow’s milk and wheat, and in came organic fruit, vegetables, grass fed meat and protein balls. Out went my unexplained stomach pains and in came pre and pro-biotics. Tony’s natural movements have increased our strength, stamina and enjoyment for exercise. He has revolutionised our home to further help our physical and spiritual health. I now work from a standing desk, have blue light filters on all tech devices and maintain wifi free spaces. We wear our barefoot shoes, drink water free from hormones and chemicals, and keep plants that remove toxins from our environment. Tony is a fantastic influence on our lives and he is responsible for how we work, rest and play!

Sarah Doll-Steinberg

I met Tony in June 2015. I am 68 years old, and in excellent health. My issues were a weakness in my wrists and ankles due to old injuries. Tony did his evaluation and created a program all of which I had never done before. Today 6 months later the strength in both areas has improved 100%. He is someone you can depend on and in his heart he wants to make his clients feel better. If your car breaks down, you hire a mechanic. If the plumbing in your house falls apart, you hire a plumber. Tony will not only fix your body, but will help to connect the dots into your brain. If his schedule permits, you would be lucky to have Tony in your life.

Stanley Buchthal

Film Producer

Tony Riddle saved me from having un-needed surgery.
After visiting the top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles who recommended surgery I had the good fortune of having 3 sessions with Tony in London which saved my feet from a certain mistake. One year later I have no pain from my collapsed arch and am happy to only wear barefoot shoes and do my daily toe exercises. Thank you Tony .

You are a primal genius.

Evan Cole

Founder and CEO of H.D. Buttercup