Ultra barefoot runner completes 450+ mile Three Peaks Challenge

Setting a new record of 9 days 7 hours and 18 minutes.

Raising funds for Survival International and indigineous peoples’ rights

Tony Riddle, the ultra endurance athlete who galvanised the nation running the length of the UK barefoot in September 2019, has completed his next monumental challenge for the natural world.

On Monday 7th September 2020, the father of four completed all 450+ miles of the National Three Peaks Challenge in just nine days 7 hours and 18 minutes. Setting a new record in the process.

The aim? To raise funds for Survival International – the global movement fighting for tribal peoples’ rights.


The “3 Bare Peaks Challenge” involves:

  • 450 + miles on foot from Mt Snowdon in Wales (1085m) to Scafell Pike in England (978m), and Ben Nevis in Scotland (1345m)
  • 54 miles per day for nine consecutive days (2 marathons a day)
  • 23 mile combined ascent and descent of the peaks; 462 miles in between on the road



We’re facing an existential threat. It’s time to move beyond simply raising awareness for the environment and become the change. The industrialisation of humanity has seen global wildlife population drop by 60 percent since 1970, that’s half an adult life span, but what about natural humans or indigenous people of the world? 

The National Three Peaks Challenge is traditionally a 24 hour endurance race to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. Runners complete the combined 23 mile ascent and descent by foot, then drive the 450+ miles between peaks. Tony completed the entire route by foot. 


Tony ran the natural surface of the peaks barefoot, and the unnatural tarmac between the peaks in a protective layer of tech by Vivobarefoot which allow his feet to maintain their natural form.


He says it’s not only a physical test of endurance, but a test of human potential and the power of the mind. Breathwork, natural running technique, mobility and cold water immersion were a critical part of his daily preparations and recovery. 

Our natural humanity is disappearing at an alarming rate. If we wipe out the indigenous people of the world, we lose the most important template of all; we lose what it is to live and co-exist in our natural world.

For the duration of the nine days, Tony urged people to show their love and support for the indigenous people of the world by donating funds to Survival International via Gofundme.


Indigenous people comprise less than 5% of the world’s population, yet they protect 80% of global biodiversity. Tony hopes the challenge will highlight the crucial role indigenous people play in protecting our ecosystem. 

Tony set off on his run from Mt Snowdon on 29 August and finished on Ben Nevis on 7 September. 

 The previous record was 9 days, 11hrs and 49 minutes. 



Funds Raised So Far

The 3 Bare Peaks Challenge was made possible with thanks to

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About Survival International

Survival fights for tribal peoples’ rights to be upheld. They stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives and livelihoods across the globe. They lobby governments to recognise indigenous land rights. They document and expose the atrocities committed against indigenous people and take direct action to stop them. www.survivalinternational.com 

About Tony Riddle

Tony Riddle, aka The Natural Lifestylist, is an ultra endurance runner and Natural Lifestyle Coach who lives with his wife and four children in Hampstead, London. Drawing on his background in military and pilates, Tony has spent 20 years refining a robust way of life based on the four principles of his Natural Lifestyle Philosophy: Reboot, Reconnect, Rewild, and Refine.

Tony teaches people how to deconstruct the inherited templates that often prevent us from seeing and hearing outside of our conditioned beliefs, including how to live more in sync with nature and our natural human biology (reconnect); how to integrate natural norms into our modern lives through breath, movement, nature immersion, digestion, sleep and play (rewild); and how to continually refine the human experience for the next generations to observe and inherit.

Tony hosts retreats, workshops and one-to-one coaching. In 2019 he ran the length of the UK barefoot in 30 days raising awareness for environmental initiatives. He’s appeared on world-leading running and wellbeing podcasts Feel Better Live More, The Rich Roll Podcast, and WeMove.World. www.tonyriddle.com 

About Vivobarefoot

VIVOBAREFOOT launched in 2012 as a standalone brand, and is based in London, England. VIVOBAREFOOT is on a mission to change the footwear industry based on one simple insight—shoes should let your feet do their natural thing. The shoes feature a patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole in every shoe that protects the foot and allows maximum sensory feedback. Designed using ancient wisdom with modern technology VIVOBAREFOOT is a complete shoe collection for off road, exercise and everyday wear, as well as a line for kids. Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark are on a quest to make the perfect shoe—perfect for feet. VIVOBAREFOOT footwear is produced sustainably using recycled, locally sourced materials in independently monitored factories. For more information on VIVOBAREFOOT, visit www.vivobarefoot.com 

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Photo credits: Chris Baker