Tony works with men and women of all ages to help them discover and maintain their wellbeing. Here’s a taster of some of their experiences of Tony and his work:

I am very inspired by Tony’s rewilding work and his whole lifestyle approach. Always keen to learn more from Tony and have a real craving to go on one of his retreats to fully immerse. I had a taster rewilding posture session and I immediately felt the difference.

Keep inspiring people and walking your talk Tony!

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

I love the blast of a masculine, intense work out…about every 12 months!…so was sceptical when I went to see Tony. I used to do Thai boxing back in the day but I find that these days, running my own business in a very masculine world, I needed more flow and grounding rather than stimulating. Before I knew it I was crawling around and doing animalistic moves – all with absolute grace. It was like being a yoga bear (not like Yogi bear) – absolute child like fun where I found myself in the moment and enjoying the freedom of moves that used just my body weight in a totally new way. Working from the feet upwards makes total sense – sort out your roots first and from there everything flows. An old ham string injury of mine that I had been continually aggravating with stretches was pacified with the right massage and tapping to turn on the muscles that needed activating while putting everything in it’s place. I felt exhilerated, impressed by a strength I didn’t know I had and totally empowered about my body. Thanks Tony – I hope your message goes far and wide and I will certainly be helping to spread it.

Jasmine Hemsley

Jasmine Hemsley is the co-founder of the Hemsley + Hemsley brand and cafe at Selfridges, and bestselling author of The Art of Eating Well, Good + Simple and her latest creation East by West.

I first met Tony whilst visiting Ibiza – Tony coached me through his rewilding movement and play practice; covering many mobility drills specific to my needs and created an immediate connection to what was missing from my own practice. On returning to London Tony came to Haymaker HQ and looked at our work/gym environment, advising us on air quality, biophylic design, lighting and more. Tony has introduced me to breath work, ice baths and other rewilding systems that I can use to enhance my over all wellbeing. Tony exposes you to the areas that have been compromised by modern living and aren’t serving you; suggests small changes that can be implemented for big impact, even in the busiest of lifestyles.

Keep spreading the word..

David Haye

Former heavy weight champion of the world. Former cruiser weight champion of the world.

“My retreat with Tony Riddle and several of his handpicked and trusted healing practitioners changed my life. I say that without the least bit of hyperbole – this is truth. Even as I arrived, I had no idea what Tony was capable of – of resetting our bodies and returning our minds to their natural resting thriving crystal-clear state. Years of petty hurts and pain peeled away, I revisited the real meaning of movement and got better acquainted with my body’s own remarkable strength, mobility and intuitive responses… I tapped into so many parts of me that I’d never even been introduced to before. That Tony so wholly and passionately walks his talk is the real key here – you’re not witnessing marketing spiel, you’re witnessing a living, breathing, thriving example of unsullied human nature. It should be the norm, but given how far removed we are from our nature – it’s become extraordinary. His message, ‘what is socially normal is biologically abnormal’ really stayed with me… as did so many other lessons during those 4 days, all of which have radically changed my life.”

Eminé Rushton

Award-winning beauty and wellbeing editor. Beauty Director at the thinking woman's monthly Psychologies magazine.

Tony Riddle changed my life….. Since hosting one of his workshops I now try to walk around barefoot or I wear barefoot shoes… I now do all my computer work while using rest positions on the floor… When exercising I always try to do it outdoors… His methodology is fun and common sense and it helps make life richer better and healthier… thank you Tony

Uri Fruchtmann

Film Producer

It’s a pleasure to call you a mentor and friend and I’m happy to pay back all I have learned from you by passing it onto everyone who steps through our doors here. You have given us all here a tremendous amount of guidance, assistance and a tremendous example.

The more I learn, grow and live, the more I align with the idea that the further we get from our natural state the more sick we get – something you made clear in your coaching philosophy – seeing this recurring theme gave us a huge understanding of where people need help and has led us to build the business on helping return people to their most centred. Thank you.

Andy Myers

AM Fitness

Tony trained me for walking up Mount Kenya to 5100 meters.

I have had the pleasure of training with Tony since I turned 70. It has been a remarkable experience as I felt my back straighten and I grew taller, stronger and more upright.

I have benefited at many levels, it has seemed more like a partnership than student and pupil.

My 70’s have been enriched by working and playing with Tony Riddle.

Yehudi Gordon

Consultant Gynaecologist

I met Tony in June 2015. I am 68 years old, and in excellent health. My issues were a weakness in my wrists and ankles due to old injuries. Tony did his evaluation and created a program all of which I had never done before. Today 6 months later the strength in both areas has improved 100%. He is someone you can depend on and in his heart he wants to make his clients feel better. If your car breaks down, you hire a mechanic. If the plumbing in your house falls apart, you hire a plumber. Tony will not only fix your body, but will help to connect the dots into your brain. If his schedule permits, you would be lucky to have Tony in your life.

Stanley Buchthal

Film Producer

Tony Riddle saved me from having un-needed surgery.
After visiting the top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles who recommended surgery I had the good fortune of having 3 sessions with Tony in London which saved my feet from a certain mistake. One year later I have no pain from my collapsed arch and am happy to only wear barefoot shoes and do my daily toe exercises. Thank you Tony .

You are a primal genius.

Evan Cole

Founder and CEO of H.D. Buttercup